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About Christian Republic™ and JCforME™

Christian Republic™ and JCforME™ (Jesus Christ for Me) were created by the "Four Cees," who happen to be four young women whose names all start with the letter "C", particularly our youngest, "Chula" who has inspired us all.

The "Four Cees" also represent something much more than a Fashionable Urban Christian Streetwear collection, it also represents our belief in "Christianity," "Compassion," "Creativity" and "Community" and those principles guide us in our lives and in how we conduct our business.  

JCforME™ strives to provide inspirational messages that promote trust, respect and appreciation of others as well as Christ. 

Our Christian Republic™ brand honors our nation and our the beliefs of our founding fathers.  Our Christian Republic™ brand brings out the patriot in each and every one of us, young and old who choose to honor their nation and faith through fashionable apparel.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy our faithful and fashionable Urban Christian Streetwear designed for the fashion conscious who aspires to look great while spreading the word of Jesus Christ and honor our great nation!

And one last note, at  Christian Republic™ and JCforME™ we strongly believe in supporting our nation, that is why our apparel is always Made in the USA!